Dating sucks until it doesn’t

Things are rough out here in Single Land.

Desenho: Márcio Tuller Espósito.

[versão em português]

Christopher Grant is a set designer (and single) in Toronto

The dating scene in 2017; a curious amalgam of paranoia, rejection, amusement, and personal development. If, like me, one is keen on meeting new people and learning whether they are on the same level and can vibe with you, the experience can be fairly rewarding. If you are prone to having your feelings hurt, then I would recommend trying the celibate hermit life. Things are rough out here in Single Land. I’m not sure if it springs from the texting and online dating nature of modern life, or if people are just generally more flighty and self-absorbed, but there is a definite trend toward folks just disappearing without so much as a polite goodbye or romantic rebuttal. The callous and inconsiderate phenomenon of ‘ghosting’.

I think it is maybe a dark part of human nature where we are always looking to upgrade, rarely satisfied with what we are already blessed to possess. Add to that unrealistic preconception of what ‘love’ entails and you’ve got people primed to give up on their romantic relationships at the first sign of rough weather. How does one go about braving such turbulent seas? Just keep swimming, I suppose, trusting that eventually you may find someone whose currents flow together symbiotically with your own. In the meantime, best to keep your head up and try to enjoy the adventure. Ahoy!

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